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Nathan King
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Queen's University
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Anne Duffy is an academic psychiatrist whose research focuses on understanding the development of common mental health disorders in young people at the peak period of risk for onset of mental health problems. This research in partnership with young people aims to inform the development of engaging and effective prevention and early intervention efforts tailored to the needs of young people. Professor Duffy is a Visiting Research Fellow at All Souls College Oxford. Duffy is working with colleagues and students to develop an international collaborative network of university student mental health research called U-Flourish ( https://www.queensu.ca/u-flourish/). The research Duffy leads has been funded consistently for 25 years from provincial, national and international operating grants from CIHR, OMHF, NARSAD and from philanthropic gifts from the Rossy Family and Mach-Gaensslen Foundations. The work has been published in all major journals and Duffy has been the recipient of several prestigious awards.
Nathan King