Full Name
Julia Allworth
Job Title
Manager, Innovation Projects
University of Toronto
Speaker Bio
Julia Allworth – Manager, Innovation Projects (Innovation Hub - University of Toronto) - julia.allworth@utoronto.ca Julia is a leader, innovator and “intrapreneur” who specializes in design thinking, collaboration and related methodologies that strive to design programs with students rather than for them. As the Leader of the Innovation Hub, she works with hundreds of students, faculty and staff on campus to improve the community’s campus experience. Julia holds an MBA from the University of Fredericton in Global Leadership and a BA in Psychology from Western University. Julia has also served as the Secretary of the Council on Student Services and the Co-Chair of the Student Life Professionals community of practice at the University of Toronto. She has presented her work at various higher education conferences across North America and is currently writing a book about the application of design thinking in higher ed. Outside of her work, Julia is a single mom to 7-year-old twins Joshua and Victoria who are in second grade.
Julia Allworth