Assessing student mental health barriers, needs and experience of campus wellness services during Covid
Date & Time
Thursday, August 12, 2021, 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Wellness centers on campus are optimally positioned points of care for student mental health, being both affordable and conveniently located. At the same time Wellness Centers have faced a surge in demand that is often hard to meet, and student bodies continue to face barriers to getting their mental health needs met. Both of these can be exacerbated by Covid (e.g., more demand for mental health care, and unique barriers to online therapy such as having no privacy at home). In order to further elucidate students’ experiences of accessing mental health through campus wellness centers during Covid, we partnered with the University of Calgary Wellness Services and distributed a survey to a sample of Undergraduate and Graduate students. For campus wellness services, these results have the potential to inform optimal allocation of resources during Covid, stigma prevention, and marketing strategies in order to meet student needs and reduce barriers to accessing mental health resources.

Learning Objective 1:
1.Understanding student’s perception of their own mental health needs
Learning Objective 2:
2.Understanding barriers students face to getting mental health needs met (internal and external, including diversity considerations)
Learning Objective 3:
3.Understanding students’ experience of mental health help through the campus wellness center (including strengths and areas of further growth)
Evaluation, Research, Assessment
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