University Student Mental Health Literacy: Evaluation of an online course in terms of knowledge, stigma and behavioural change
Date & Time
Thursday, August 12, 2021, 12:45 PM - 1:30 PM

Student mental health is a prerequisite to successful completion of higher education, which itself is a major driver of healthy societal growth. A promising approach to promote mental health is through mental health literacy (MHL). While of proven benefit for secondary students, MHL for postsecondary students is relatively under-developed with limited evidence of impact or engagement. In partnership with students, we developed an online MHL course tailored to undergraduate students and offered as an interdisciplinary elective course for credit. The course was launched this Winter Term at Queen’s University. We will assess uptake and student satisfaction. Using a pre-post course design, we will assess changes in mental health knowledge, stigma, emotional-self-awareness and health-related behaviour such as sleep quality, alcohol and recreational drug use, and exercise frequency. Providing engaging and effective MHL in the transition to university and understanding the mechanisms may serve as an effective and scalable health promotion initiative.

Learning Objective 1:
To understand the level of evidence supporting mental health literacy as a health promotion initiative
Learning Objective 2:
To learn about a new online mental health literacy course developed and under evaluation at Queen's University
Learning Objective 3:
To inform potential targets and mechanisms underlying effectiveness of mental health literacy as a health promotion strategy
Health Promotion (national standard, healthy campus)
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