Rock the Boat: Deploying a Research-based Theatre Centered Resource at an Institutional Level to Improve Wellbeing within Graduate Student Supervisory Relationships
Date & Time
Thursday, August 12, 2021, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Graduate supervision profoundly impacts graduate student and faculty mental health and wellbeing yet is likely the most complex and subtle under-researched form of teaching in which faculty engage. The challenges and tensions that arise within these relationships are further complicated by equity and inclusion related barriers that graduate students and faculty from marginalized communities face within academia. The experience of these barriers may uniquely impact how students and faculty alike approach and conceive of their roles within a supervisory relationship. This session will present a novel approach to using Research-based Theatre in combination with facilitated small group discussion to increase awareness of the impact graduate supervisory relationships have on graduate student and faculty wellbeing. Particular attention will be paid to opportunities for deploying this resource at an institutional level to generate upstream changes that improve the nature of these relationships and alleviate possible negative impacts on wellbeing and mental health.

Learning Objective 1:
•Develop an understanding of how Research-based Theatre (RbT) can effectively facilitate the translation of research findings alongside narrative to generate dialogue and awareness of the equity and inclusion challenges inherent to graduate supervisory relationships and their implication for graduate student and faculty wellbeing
Learning Objective 2:
•Increase awareness of graduate supervision as an under researched form of pedagogy with a profound impact on graduate student and faculty mental health and highlight the existing gaps between current research and institutional practices and policies concerning supervisory relationships
Learning Objective 3:
•Discuss opportunities to implement an RbT centered resource at an institutional level to generate upstream, system level changes that improve supervisory relationships and reduce negative impacts on the wellbeing of relevant stakeholders (e.g., graduate students, support staff, faculty)
Health Promotion (national standard, healthy campus)
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