Running and Filling Groups: How We Went From Crickets to Crammed even in a Pandemic!
Date & Time
Friday, August 13, 2021, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

The upsides of group therapy in supporting student mental health needs are numerous, from both a costs and benefits perspective. There can be resistance to groups as students can feel they are intimidating, and often perceive them as offering less than one-on-one support. Mental health professionals can also feel uncomfortable and thus reluctant to delivering groups remotely. This session seeks to share how Queen’s University conceptualizes of, and delivers this service. Key factors which contribute to successfully delivering group interventions will be highlighted, including creating a strong group culture, and removing barriers to access. Group topics include: Stress and Anxiety, Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, Sleep Disturbances, Managing Powerful Emotions, Group Psychotherapy, and Navigating University with Autism. The main learning objectives of these groups will be shared with the audience. Considering the ongoing pandemic, possible solutions around safely delivering groups virtually will be offered.

Learning Objective 1:
1.How to make groups attractive and successful, including fostering a strong culture of belonging.
Learning Objective 2:
2.Identifying and removing barriers to students accessing groups
Learning Objective 3:
3.How to address safety and privacy concerns in the delivery of online groups.
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