The Zenstudies project : a university-college collaboration to support data based implementation of a mental health prevention program
Date & Time
Friday, August 13, 2021, 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

The Zenstudies research project (2018-21) offers participating colleges (CEGEPs) to carry out an evaluative study of the implementation of the program Zenstudies: Making a Healthy Transition to Higher Education (Marcotte, Viel, Paré and Lamarre, 2016, English version in press). In a context where the mental health of college students is a source of major concerns associated with the marked increase in requests for services, it is important to innovate by providing easily accessible preventive interventions. Through its three modules, the multi-levels Zenstudies program offers a universal preventive intervention starting in the classroom offered by the teacher. For their part, the 2nd and 3rd modules of targeted prevention are offered to students with risk factors and / or symptoms of anxiety and depression. The preliminary results of the first two years of the project will be discussed in conjunction with the conceptual frameworks of Meyer and Durlak (2012) and Chen (2005).

Learning Objective 1:
Be informed on an available prevention program that is research based
Learning Objective 2:
Discuss the advantages and challenges of implementing in the school environment
Learning Objective 3:
Discuss the methodological and statistical challenges related to implementation program studies
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