Collaborations for Change: Connecting Research and Practice in Post-Secondary Mental Health

The idea of bridging the gap between research and practice has been around for many years and exists in various sectors. This is no different for mental health in post-secondary education. Although many post-secondary institutions are using evidence-based mental health services, practices and programs, evaluation of these services at post-secondary institutions is sometimes lacking, given limited resources. The potential for collection of rich data exists on post-secondary campuses and in student samples, which can be leveraged to inform campus mental health.  The research literature in post-secondary mental health is relatively sparse and not commensurate to the attention this topic receives in the public and media. The recent launch of the National Standard for Mental Health and Well-being for Post-Secondary Students ( provides a backdrop for the integration of research and practice on post-secondary campuses. Opportunities for collaborations between researchers and clinical providers can fill this gap, especially as new partnerships between faculty and service providers to support post-secondary student mental health are becoming more prevalent.

This Conference will bring post-secondary student, service professionals, mental health providers, and researchers together to have meaningful conversations on how to best to move forward to integrate research and practice in post-secondary mental health. Students, whether working towards careers in academia or in professional practice, are vital for informing and sustaining collaborations as we move forward.