Video Presentations (15 minute Pre-recorded Presentations)

These will be available prior to the start of our virtual conference.

A sense of mastery as a protective factor in first-year undergraduates mental health 
From Plague to Panacea: Investigating the impacts of webcam use on social connection in Virtual Learning Environments. 
Health promoting universities: Why collaboration should be the focus of campus mental health change 
Investigating life satisfaction and achievement in students transitioning to university: The role of personal resources and support. 
University Students' Mental Health Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Revealing and Healing on Social Media Platforms 
Impact of COVID-19 Related Stressors on Canadian Post-Secondary Students’ Mental Health 
Recommendation Evaluation of the University of Calgary's Campus Mental Health Strategy 
Empowering Campuses to Demonstrate their Commitment to Student Well-being 
The Campus Assessment Tool: Lessons Learned from a Youth-Led Participatory Research Project 
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