The eCHECKUP TO GO programs are evidenced based online interventions for behavior change.  Our programs were developed by university psychologists at San Diego State University and have been used by over 600 universities and institutions in 4 countries. 

Our substance-related programs include alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine. We also provide a sexual violence prevention program.  Our newest programs include our eCHECK UP TO Well-Being programs as well as our behavioral health screening program

The eCHECKUP substance programs are designed to motivate individuals to reduce their consumptions using personalized information about their own use and risk factors. The programs are updated with the most current and reliable research available.

The eCHECKUP TO GO programs are designed to be integrated into your institution’s prevention and intervention initiatives and used as part of your campus’ comprehensive approach  to wellbeing:

  • prevention tools for incoming students
  • interventions for student conduct programs including BASICS
  • support through counseling and psychological services
  • student-athlete orientations, and more!


  • personalized feedback to respondents using Motivational Intervention
  • builds internal motivation for making healthier choices
  • administrator access to student data, delivered securely via an administrative dashboard 
  • personal “check-ups” that can be taken on multiple occasions to track progress
  • marketing support to promote your programs 
  • expert support from psychologist working in the field


Show your students you care about their well-being wellness. 

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of our programs and learn about our new well-being program and behavioral health screeners, launching soon.